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Huawei P10 Lite HB366481ECW 3000mah

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  • Brand:: Nufix
  • Product Code: Huawei_P10Lite_Battery
  • Availability: In Stock


Brand new battery replacement for Huawei P10 Lite
-- Replace your old battery with a new battery with OEM specs for a much better price.
-- Easy to install, takes a few minutes. Check youtube tutorials if you need some guidance.
-- Integrated IC chip to regulate voltage and smoothen charging.
-- 180 days free replacement warranty.
-- Compatible Part number(s): HB366481ECW
-- Capacity: 3000mah

List of compatible models:
Huawei P10 Lite WAS-L03T
Huawei P10 Lite WAS-LX1
Huawei P10 Lite WAS-LX1A
Huawei P10 Lite WAS-LX2
Huawei P10 Lite WAS-LX3
Huawei P10 Lite WAS-TL10
Huawei P10 Lite WAS-LX2J

What's included:
1 x Replacement battery
1 x Set of repair tools

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